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We love the freedom in art.

We love the artistic expression of ourselves, even in the small things. We create and I share what we create with you. This is the place you can enhance yourself and your home. Whether you do it yourself or want me to help you with it, is all up to you. You can commission me, Willow, or browse around in my notes for help, patterns and inspiration.

Gallery styles to explore & gather inspiration.

Do you like a specific style? If you have an idea for a style you don't see here or would like to commission me, you are more than welcome to contact me

The Rural Life

In the Past

On the Beach Dune

Willowseed grows, just like a seed.

As artists, we must always improve our skills. Here, we can all grow together. It has been scientifically proven that trees communicate with one another and send each other needed resources when they can. Let's be like trees. Let's be like growing seeds and never stop growing. Want to grow with me? I hope you do!


You can learn through many ways. Here I offer free patterns for you to learn through experience.



Figure out how to do new things and find out more about yourself in the process.



Inspire and be inspired by even the smallest of things around you.

Inspiration and motivation

Want to crochet? Need some help?

You can find helpful posts here and if you're still stuck you can always contact me. I love to help and I definitely want to help those who want an artistic outlet.

How to Crochet

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