Small but Powerful – Textured Flower

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This tiny, but textured flower is simple and therefore also quick and easy to make. Yet it is still great to use in bigger designs. It flaunts two levels, giving your design more texture. If you want to see it in action, take a look here (click here).

(Ooh, dusty, doesn’t that make for a nice picture…)

A small flower with 2 levels
A small flower with plenty of texture.


Ch – Chain

Sl st – Slip stitch

Sc – Single crochet

Dc – Double crochet

Trc – Triple/Treble crochet

Step 1

Make a circle by chaining 6. Sl st into the first chain.

Step 2

Sc around for a total of 12 sc stitches.

Step 3

The basic flower almost done

To make the 4 petals you will:

Ch 4, sl st into the 3rd sc, but only into the back loop. You will continue this until you have made 4 loops and sl st into the beginning loop.

Sc into the first loop. Dc 3 times in the same loop and end this loop with a sc. Do this into the other 3 loops. Sl st into your first sc and chain 3. This is the start of the back of your mini flower.

Step 4

Back petals:

You will sl st your 3 chain that you made before around the post that is actually the bottom of your first loops (the blue in the picture below). Keep doing this until you are back at the start.

Flower Blue Posts
The blue are the posts you will use to make the back loops. These loops will be used to make the back petals.

After you sl st into the last loop post, you will ch 1 and sc into the first loop that you have just made.

Follow this with a dc and then trc 3x within the same loop. End this loop with another dc and sc.

Do this in the other 3 loops. Sl st into your starting sc to finish.

Hope this comes in handy for one of your projects! Don’t forget to tell me about your own projects and to ask if you’re struggling with anything. I will gladly help if I can. Next week will be all about making your own tassels!

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