New Creation: Katia Wool, 100% Natural Wool Cowl

Fan and Shell Stitch Cowl
This is an open work, thick cowl that can be worn in different ways to fit your style.

I’m very happy with how this Katia Natural Wool Cowl came out. Here is some details about how I made it and why I made it in this way.

How the Pattern was Created

The first and last rows are made by using treble front and back post stitches. The middle part are made by using shell and open fan stitches. This creates a wonderful contrast between the heavy outside and the light inside of the cowl.

To make this natural wool cowl, I had to first find inspiration. I knew what I wanted to make, but it was only after inspiration that I was able to create the exact look I was looking for: a warm cowl that could even be worn in summer.

Fan and Shell Stitch Cowl
Wear it over your shoulders or even over your head. It is your own choice.

The Natural Wool Cowl’s Softness

The cowl is heavy, but the wool is of good quality, making it soft and easy to work with. It is also big enough to throw over your head, which can keep those cold ears warm while looking stylish.

Fan and Shell Stitch Cowl
Hug-able and comfortable, this cowl is great for any season and any look.

The wool is 100% natural. It is Katia’s Love Wool, 85% Virgin Wool and 15% Alpaca.

For the full pattern, go to Ravelry and look for the All Seasons Cowl by WillowSeed (you must be a member to view items on this site).

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