A Tassel Befitting Any Creation

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This tassel and others are used in this project of mine (click here).

Short, long, thin or thick. You can create your very own tassel with any characteristic you want. And colour? Don’t limit yourself! You can make a rainbow, you can make a one coloured wonder or you can mitch-and-match as you please! You want to add a tassel to one of your own creations, but you don’t want to add a store-bought version? Make your own tassel to fit perfectly with your creations (and bonus is that it is super fun and easy).

Completed tassel
I know right, you would like to make your very own tassel!

What You Need

Great, so you want to go ahead and try your hand at making a tassel. Here’s what you will need: a needle, a lot of skill… just kidding!

Scissors, book, and yarn

What you need for real this time:

Scissors (really sharp)

A book or some other item like it (this item needs to be as long as you want your tassel to be)

Your chosen yarn, plus a small bit cut off from your chosen yarn

Your chosen decoration to put around the top

Some sellotape (I didn’t have any, so I made due without)

I chose to put some orange around the top to fit with the decoration I was making. You can decorate yours with anything from yarn to lint. You can be extra creative and work in some beads or even crochet yourself a decoration for the top!

How do I make a Tassel?

Yes, yes, let me finally tell you how to make a tassel.

Step 1

Take your book (or whatever item you chose) and wind your yarn around it. You can wind it around as many times as needed. You can try for 50 or more. Remember to end the same side you started (at the bottom).

Yarn Around a Book

Step 2

Carefully lift your yarn up, away from the book. Remember that extra bit you needed to cut off? Put that through the gap.

Gather your Tassel

Now you want to slide this piece of yarn up to the top of your book. Make one knot and carefully slide the entire thing off the book. Once it is off the book, tie a second knot for extra security.

Step 3

Cut your yarn to make the bottom of the tassel.

Cutting the yarn at the bottom

Step 4

Here comes a little bit of magic. I love this trick. Make a loop with the yarn you want to use for the top of your tassel. It should look like this:

A loop

The yarn on the top needs to be left alone for now. You will use the yarn on the right. This piece of yarn will be used to wind around the top. Do not pull the loop tight (I did warn you)!

Step 5

Grow and extra hand, because you will need it.

Winding yarn around the top

You will wind the yarn around the top. Work from the top to the bottom for a neater finish. When you are happy with the top, place the part of the yarn you were working with through the loop you have made.

Yarn through a Loop

That yarn you left alone on top of your almost complete tassel will now be put into play. Pull on it and watch as your loop disappears and take your yarn’s end with it. It should look like this:

Yarn pulled tight

If it does look like this, congratulations! If not, finish the job…

Step 6

The last step is the cleanup. Cut off the ends of the top part that we just made. If you have sellotape, then you can clean up the bottom of your tassel. If you do not have sellotape, join the un-neat club! It’s quite fun on this side.

Put the sellotape around the bottom of your work. Cut through the middle of the sellotape and remove the other half from your tassel. That should do the trick.

What are you making tassels for? Comment and let us all know what you’re busy with. Next week I will give you an idea on how to make a basic cord to use in many different projects.

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