We love the expression of individuality, emotions and passion. The freedom in our own craft, abilities and talents are worthy of being explored. You can enhance yourself with time, inspiration, motivation and help. If you are interested in all of these things, you are in the right place, welcome!

slowly moving,

forever changing,

always growing,

never limiting.


The Little Details

We are Willow and Brendan Wright. We love to create and we love to share our creative outcomes with all of you! We love writing, drawing, making games and crocheting.
I, Willow, started WillowSeed in August 2014 with a completely different idea, but as any seed, the idea grew and changed over time. Now, this is your place of peace, creativity, inspiration, entertainment and reaching out to like-minded people. And if you want something made for you, you're always welcome to commission me.
Love Natural Beanie

The Artistic Venture

Where do I even begin! My entire life I loved being creative, especially in my mind. Do you always envision something amazing in your head and when you finally make it, it turns out... well, less than you imagined? It definitely works that way for me! Yet, that doesn't stop me and Brendan from trying. This forms the foundation of everything we are and want to do here.

Entertain - We all need something to look forward to and to enjoy. We want to bring you plenty of stories, books and games.

Teach and help - Do you want to learn how to crochet? You can find these posts under How to Crochet. There are more to come too and if you want a specific tutorial, let me know!

Create items for you - These items are from commissioned items to posts about inspirational items. Psst, there's more in the pipeline, but I'm not spoiling the surprise just yet ;p

Reach out - No one needs to be lonely. I want us all to become one big family! Tell me about yourself and your hobbies. I want to read your comments and emails, so feel free to contact me for advice, suggestions, help or a chat. This is your breathing space.