Art Works for Change Gives Artists a Chance to Make a Difference

As artists, we want to touch people’s emotions, trigger their innermost thoughts and activate their senses. Art Works for Change offer artists a chance to make a difference by doing these things in a large scope. The best of all is that their exhibitions aren’t necessarily tied to place, as they are also available online.


Newtown Creek, Make a difference
This piece is part of the “Art and Our Ecological Footprint” and is an ongoing online exhibition regarding sustainability.


The Backbone of Art Works for Change

Experienced artist, Randy Jayne Rosenberg, is the brain behind this non-profit corporation. Established in 2008, Art Works for Change had a lot of growing to do. But with the help of other inspired artists and social change leaders, Art Works for Change became what it is now. Being a non-profit organisation, they depend on the finance of those believing in them, their mission and the ability to make a difference through art.

The backbone is therefore artists and companies who want what Art Works for Change wants. They can always use sponsors and donations from anyone who can and is willing to help. You can follow this link to learn more.


Online Exhibition Installation
This installation is part of an exhibition in Florida. It focuses on housing in an ever-changing climate.


The Chance of Change through Art

They offer artists, experienced or emerging, a window of opportunity to make a large scale impact on society. Standing alone, we can accomplish much, but standing together, our work can speak to thousands about important, sometimes ignored, issues. Artist have the chance to speak out in their own artistic way. This artistic way can range anything from performance art to an installation.


If you would like to see what you can do and what opportunities await, you can visit them here.

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