Choosing the Right Crochet Hook Size for the Job

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You have heard it, but you haven’t seen it yourself. Choosing your hook can make a formidable difference in your crochet work. A 0.5 difference can either make your work look neat or make it look large and a little sloppy.

0.5 difference in hook size
Hook size in crochet can make work look polished or sloppy. This 0.5 difference in hook size illustrates it.

When I start a new crochet project, I do a few things. We decide on the wool, design (pattern) and hook size. I don’t always go according to the label on the wool packet, as my own tension and the design of the pattern play large roles.

Your Own Tension

People crochet differently. We all have our own unique way. Some people say there are only one way to hold the hook and how you hold the hook and yarn affects the tension. Others say it is a personal choice. Personally, I can say that changing the way I hold the hook and yarn, affected the tension too.

Some people work tightly and others work loosely. You need to keep in mind what type of crocheter you are and work with it. Sometimes you will need to make a judgement call and choose a different hook size than stated. This is why experience is the best teacher.

The End Result

At the end of the day, you must be happy with your design. Patterns are there to help you, but sometimes you want to deviate or make your own. Often you want to make your work especially tight or loose, depending on what you have in mind for the end result.

If you want a loose-looking product, you will use a larger hook than necessarily required. This will open up your work and make it appear larger, like the picture below illustrates. If you want a clean, tight look, the opposite is again true.

There is a definite size difference between these: a result of two different hook sizes.
There is a definite size difference between these: a result of two different hook sizes.

Just remember that changing a hook size doesn’t mean you downsize or upsize two sizes. You can start small, as a 0.5 difference already changes the look of the design. The picture above are a size 4 (top) and 4.5 (bottom). Start your hook changes small and go bigger if you are not getting the desired effect.

Choosing the Right Hook for the Job

To choose the right hook, is not always about looking on the label. Try out different hook sizes until you have become more comfortable with crocheting. You will soon learn your own style and you will automatically know which hook size to use for what design. Practice makes (almost) perfect.

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