Crocheted Jar Cozies Patterns

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A while back I made a few crocheted jar cozies for my kitchen. The whole point of the activity was to decorate the jars I re-purposed; up-cycling is awesome! However, these cozies do more than decorate the jars. They also help towards my kitchen’s rustic and creative style. We might not be able to change the kitchen to fit our particular style, since it’s rented, but we can definitely decorate it accordingly! I found the patterns online and changed them according to my own need. Since jars differ in sizes, you will need to make it work for yours.

Since I have crocheted these jar cozies months ago and completely forgot to write down their patterns (this seems to be my normal song), I can’t give you all the patterns of the cozies featured below. However, I hope you like the ones I do have the patterns for!

Crocheted jar cozies

The Basics

To start your base (the bottom) of your cozies, you will work the same way throughout. You will require less or more rows according to the size of your jar. Also, you can choose whether you want to work with your jar inside the cozy or to leave it out until you start decreasing the top of the jar.


You will need to know:

Chain (Ch)
Skip (sk)
Single Crochet Stitch (sc)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Triple Crochet (trc)
Double Crochet (dc)
You can always choose to use either double or triple, just remember to adjust your chains at the start of the row.

The Base:

Base: Make a circle (Ch 6, sl st into your very first chain)
Row 1: Ch 1, Sc twice in every chain, sl st into the 1 ch you started the row with.
Row 2: Ch 1, *Sc once, Sc 2x in next, continue from * and sl st in the 1 ch.
Row 3: Ch 1, *Sc once, Sc once in next stitch, Sc 2x in next, continue from * and sl st in the 1 ch.
Row 4-onwards: It all comes down to you. When your circle is about a row smaller than your jar’s bottom, start decreasing by leaving out stitches. Your bottom will then curl around and fit snug around your jar. It’s also up to you to decide how long you want your Sc section to be. Ensure that your Sc section has the correct amount of stitches before you start making your design; otherwise you’ll find your pattern doesn’t work right.


The Big Jar Cozies

Lime and blue jar cozies

The Ocean Green Openwork

You will work in sections of 6, so be sure to count your Sc stitches beforehand! Your start with this one will be a bit different, since it will have 3 trc when you start, but only two as you go up.

Row 1: Ch 3 (this is your 1st trc), trc into the next stitch, *Ch 2, skip 3 stitches, trc into the next 3 stitches. Repeat from *. Finish the row by sl st into the top of the 3 ch you started the row with.
Row 2: There are two ways of doing this. You can hide where you started by doing it like this (if you follow their pattern, remember I’m using 3 stitches, and she 2, plan accordingly), or you can continue as I have, but your slip will show. I liked it with the slip. Ch 6 (3 ch for a trc and 3 ch for your loop). *Trc 2x into the first 2 ch loop you have created. Ch 3. Continue from * until end. Join with a sl st on the 3rd ch of your 6 ch.
Row 3: Repeat from row 1 until you reach near the top of your jar. You can once again decide how large to make the sc section.
Sc section: Sc around, decreasing as needed. Once you have crocheted tightly all the way to the mouth of the jar, you can finish your work off with some flair. You can either use a shell stitch, popcorn stitch or even reverse Sc (this is what I did, you can learn how-to here). Cut and work in.

The Blue Openwork

Openwork jar cozies blue and purple
Similar to the green jar cozy, this one has a mini circle look. Work in multiples of 5. After you made the base, you will follow this pattern:
Row 1: Ch 3 (your first trc), * trc into the next two stitches. Ch 2. Continue from * until end and sl st into the top of your 3 ch.
Row 2: Ch 1. Sc into the next stitch. * Skip one. Trc 5 times into the 2 ch loop (this is your shell stitch). Sk one stitch and sc into the next. Continue from * until you join with the sl st. Join on your sc, not the chain.
Row 3: Ch 3. * Trc into the second trc of the shell stitch. Trc into the next two stitches. Ch 2. Continue from *. Sl st into the bottom of the 3 ch.
Row 4: Ch 3. Trc 4 times into the 3 ch loop of the previous row. Sc into the middle trc of your 3 trc group of the previous row. Sk 1. * Trc 5 times into the 2 ch loop. Sk 1. Sc into the middle trc of the previous row. Continue from * until you can join at the top of the 3 ch with a sl st.
Continue this until you are happy with the size of the section. Decrease as needed towards the mouth of the jar. You can add another section of sc by sc into each stitch. End your work with flair or leave it as is. Cut and work in your ends.

The Purple Cozy

I got the pattern from Föndrari af lífi og sál.
Work in multiples of eight. After you have made your base (the sc circle), you can move on to this:
Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as dc), * 1 dc in each stitch, continue from *. Join with sl st into 3rd ch.
Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as trc), * sk 3 stitches, (3 trc, ch 1, 3 trc) in next stitch, sk 3, 1 trc in next stitch. Continue from * but omit last 1 trc in the last repeat. Join with sl st into 4th ch.
Row 3: ch 4 (counts as trc), * (3 trc, ch 1, 3 trc) in the loop between the trc groups, 1 trc in next trc. Continue from * but omit last 1 trc in the last repeat. Join with sl st into 4th ch.
You will continue row 3 until you reach your desired height or the neck of the jar.
Sc into every stitch and decrease as needed until you reached the mouth of the jar. You can decorate here to your heart’s content.

I hope you are able to decorate your kitchen jars with these patterns! We would love to see what you made, so be sure to give us a link below.

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