The Sort of How to Guide: How I Made Our mosquito net four poster bed

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So! Do you remember months and months ago I mentioned that I have an exciting big project I’m working on? Yeah, this is it. It ended up being not so exciting. I had big plans for it, but it kept not… getting there. Everything seemed to go wrong and me, being a creative soul, wanted to move on to the next project (oh my, but there are many, many other projects). I felt it was time to give in and accept defeat. 

Let me just tell you what is missing so you can see it in your mind’s eye. I wanted to add sleeves to the side to hide the terrible grey PVC pipes. Plastic flowers all around the top side and snaked around the open grey parts. Fairy lights. So many fairy lights. I love them, but for some reason I can’t find them. I wanted to put some all around the sides, even hanging down. You can see it, can’t you? Perhaps in time I’ll find them and I will create this image for us all to see!

BUT! Even though I didn’t get to finish the design, doesn’t mean I can’t tell you how I made it. This way, you can get your own ideas and maybe feel inspired enough to try your own hand at making something big and useful. 

What you will need:

Decorating items
Sewing machine
PVC pipes/wood
Marker to mark where to saw
Measuring tape

Four Poster Bed Frame

Well, of course, we need to start with the actual frame. I’ve made the frame using PVC pipes (I’m going to become the PVC pipe lady soon). Brendan is having a laugh because my favourite phrase these days is, “Oh, I can make that using PVC pipes!” The frame is actually quite more flimsy than I have hoped, I should have gotten thicker pipes – learn from my mistakes!

You actually need the right kind of fittings, which I couldn’t find here. They have awkward ones, so I had to find away around it. This is why one side is shorter than the other. You can get the right ones though. See this tutorial on how to make the four poster bed frame. 

Since we can’t attach anything to the wall that isn’t ours, we rather added extra support to the pipes by adding another horizontal pipe near the bottom on all sides. This helps a little with stability, but it is still quite flimsy.


This is where your own imagination and creativity comes in. You will need to look around for inspiration and decide what you want for your own bedroom. Next, you need to decide if what you want is doable. I wanted something really fancy, yet free spirited. When I decided on a design, I realised it wasn’t going to work for three reasons:
1. It was beyond my current skill. Although, it did teach me a lot and I feel I can do a lot better next time.
2. It will be too expensive to make.
3. It will take longer than the time I want it to take.
Therefore I settled for something a lot simpler. 

You can pencil out your idea, plan it in detail or you can just dot a few things down and keep it in your head. I like working on the spur of the moment, so I didn’t plan every detail. I had to figure out solutions to issues I encountered along the way. Probably not very professional, but I had fun and that’s what matters!


To keep it easy and cheap (considering that I can’t be bothered trying to get material in Spanish), I bought pillowcases and took them apart, which gave me exactly the right sizes I needed. My net and original pillowcases (before the Chinese store ran out because I bought them all already) were both 150cm wide. I needed 2x150cm on all sides. Thus I needed 8 each altogether.

For the top, I got a curtain. It’s huge and covers more than what I need. To keep the heavy curtain and light net where it should be, I made sleeves to place around the pipe and attached the net and curtain to the sleeve instead. 

Putting it Together

Side Netting

I’m not an expert at sewing; I only recently bought my machine and this is the first project I’m using it for. But I got the job done. I first worked around the edges of the pillowcases to make it neat after I unraveled them. I then attached the net. This is what it looks like. Excuse the skewness…

To secure the netting to the pillowcase, I sew them together twice (one at the top and one nearer to the bottom).


Like the forget-the-world-and-work person I am, I never took photos until I realised it’s too late. Therefore, I can’t show you what I did and how I did it. But I can show you the end result below. Yet, you hardly need a step by step, as it really is a simple task. Measure the amount you need, add extra length to it (you will need it to attach the side net and curtain) and work the piece onto itself to create the sleeve.

However, if you want to create the decoration I have, you will need to leave a lot of the pillowcase hanging loose. This will be used to create the frilly ruffles.

Decoration Piece

Decoration is personal, but you can always gather inspiration from other’s ideas. I decided to create a simplistic wave effect. To create the waves attach the two sleeves that will go on one side together. You don’t want the sleeves to be separate as it will open gaps and allow entrance to bugs.

I attached them by using ribbon and a zigzag setting on the sewing machine.

ribbon attach

Not only does this do the trick, but it also gives a little dazzle to the netting. Decoration and useful all at the same time. Next I created my sections for the ruffled up parts by dividing the decoration into halves (and again). I used thread and a needle, zigzagged from behind to the front of the decoration from top to bottom. Then I pulled tight and tied it together in the back.


This creates the waves beautifully. For the rest of the design. I crocheted a cord long enough to go around the entire bed. You can find a tutorial on how I make my cords here. This I attached in waves too. I also single crocheted along the middle of the pillowcases I left hanging loose. Together these simple designs will work until I can find those fairy lights.

I hope to bring you something even better very soon, as I am almost done with my next project (unless something goes very wrong). Do you want a four poster bed? Will you buy one or make one? Let me know below!

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  1. Janet Botes

    Oh my goodness!!! You were and are super ambitious. When you mentioned you’re making a mosquito net, I was wondering why on earth it was taking so long to finish… Now I can see that what you were making is not a simple mosquito net, but a ‘hemelbed’ (heaven bed / fairy bed) !! It looks incredible!!!!! I just showed my mother-in-law too, and she is super impressed, she says that you should be proud of yourself, because she knows how much work goes into a project like this.

    • WillowSeed

      Haha! Surprise, I’m not that slow after all ;p No wonder you looked so confused when I kept telling you I’m STILL working on it… Thank you very much to you and your mother-in-law!! ^^

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