Easy DIY Basket Centerpiece

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Since I was completely inspired in the hotel we stayed in Granada (read the post here), I decided to make my own easy DIY basket centerpiece full of memories. To go home to a cozy, homey environment is sometimes all we need to wind down after a long day. I hope this special kitchen table decoration will be one of the many steps in creating exactly such a home.

easy DIY basket centerpiece


The best of all, I almost didn’t need to buy anything to make it. Cheap, pretty and full of meaningful atmosphere, this is a definite plus for my kitchen. If you happen to have a basket, pot or other usable base, you can easily change it into a centerpiece for your home. Here’s what I did.


In my case, Brendan gathered plenty of stones and shells for me to use. The large stones are stones from Sierra Nevada in Spain. I found the driftwood ages ago and knew what I wanted to do with it, but it took time to gather the rest.

centerpiece view

We bought the red flowers at a Chinese store for about €6. As you can see below, I even left it in it’s original pot with the fake moss.


The little Christmas decoration on the side came with the basket. This basket was a gift my husband gave to me. It housed a fern before, but since it was alive and I am me, the fern didn’t make it. Now, however, the basket and decoration can still work together to beautify our home.

Make it Yours

The secret behind creating your own centerpiece is to make it your own. Let the pieces you choose and gather fit in with your own personality, home and decoration theme. You need to get a homey feeling from your decorations, not the next top decorator. Decide what works for you and make it personal. We have personal memories attached to most of the things in this decoration, including the basket. These memories give the centerpiece a bigger character than a bought centerpiece could ever offer. Now we can call it the Centerpiece of Memories; not corny at all.

centerpiece of memories
Let’s call it the Centerpiece of Memories.

Not Set in Stone

Oh yes, this little basket can still use some more decorations, such as leaves and twigs. However, I’m happy with it until I find exactly what I am looking for. Just remember you can always add, adjust and take away as your taste or decoration theme changes.

I hope this centerpiece motivated you to make something special for your own home. Tell us what you have made recently below!

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