Fracking in the Karoo Inspires Artists to Speak Out through Art

Fracking in the Karoo is an ongoing war. In this mayhem of arguments, petitions and uprising, some artists decided to do what they do best: find inspiration in a not-so-good situation and band together in the exhibition, Fear & Loss. Fear & Loss is as ongoing as the battle against fracking, showing various artists work since 2014. This exhibition would not be possible without one of the Karoo’s own, Katie Bernard du Toit. She is well-known for her passion to make a difference; something that the Karoo needs.


Fracking in the Karoo Result
What would happen to the Karoo if we were to use it for industrialism? This is only one of the images Katie du Toit envisions.


Fracking in the Karoo: The Start of Something Good

Even though fracking is a terrible idea in an already drought stricken land, some beauty came from it. The exhibition boasts a wide selection of artwork from plentiful talented artists. With such a variety of artists, there are more than enough visual emotions to satisfy the viewer’s unique tastes.

In a time when South Africa often stand divided, it is good to see what can happen when artists come together to make their mark and voice their emotions. These emotions are shared by many of us when we think of the Karoo and the destruction the fracking might bring. Yet, powerless as we often stand in the wake of destruction, we can make a difference somewhere by sharing our passion.

By making people more aware of the harm of fracking with their artworks, more people can stand against it. It is easy to know about something bad, but do nothing about it. The artworks make it harder to ignore the issue. If you would like to know more about fracking in the Karoo Basin and how to help, click here. The TKAG is one of the leading organisations fighting against it and they can always use help.


“Fear & Loss” Instills Silent Strength

Fear & Loss may not have the power to stop the fracking in the Karoo, but it does have the chance to move people. We don’t have to make noise to attract attention to a problem. We don’t even need to say one word. These artists have managed to say plenty through their works.

Together these artists are able to touch many. They stand together to show us what the Karoo means to the people, what we might lose and what we should fear from the fracking. All we need to do is listen. Here are a few of the artworks that were exhibited. Read about the Pretoria exhibition on Karoo Space >>


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