A beach is a magical place.

I find that my singing is remarkably better when I am on the beach, however, I am sure this have nothing to do with the fact that I can't really hear my own singing. Then there are the many activities you can lose yourself in, from kite surfing to meditation. Artists can have endless fun, as the sand offers free treasures, materials and even a free surface to experiment on.


On the Beach Dune
But one of my favourite parts of a beach is the dunes. Not only are they awesome to sit on, but they also have various of plant life. Yet the best part must be to jump or run down a large dune! But enough talk about dunes, and more explanation time about this gallery.
Since the beach is such a fantastic place to be, I decided to honour it with a style of its own. Here you will find different beach-based projects. Take note that this is a work-in-progress and new projects will be entered as I make them.

If you want your own beach-styled item

commission me.