Granada, An Artistic Breath of Fresh Creativity

Yes, you read that right. Instead of telling you a long-winded, boring tale on our weekend in Sierra Nevada and Granada (both in Spain), I will rather tell you about the artistic side of it. Most of this will be about Granada, as Sierra Nevada is more for the skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is postcard beautiful, and it finally made me understand that saying. Never had I gone into a town thinking “I need to take a photo right here; this is such a perfect postcard view”. The actual photograph of the postcard view is admittedly not the best, but it could have been more if we had more than two hours of sleep after a full workday and a three hour trip… We were not up to walking one more step to get to the perfect vantage point at this point. We were going to our hotel to sleep. This is the so-called postcard view.

postcard view sierra nevada

Further Sierra Nevada offers plenty more in regards to funny and beautiful photo moments. If you are a photographer, then this is a place to visit.


You can also find snowman-inspiration for your next snowman.

Where’s my nose?


Granada managed to inspire me in a new way. I’ve wanted to make our rentals (yes, we have moved from rental to rental) homey, creative and imaginative. I’ve wanted to create an atmosphere that made you feel as if you’re in a different world. Yet I’ve never done much to create that. Granada once again inspired me to try and accomplish small, do-able tasks to kick-start the necessary decorating.

But you will see in upcoming posts how I slowly transform our rental; this post is about this inspirational place. Granada is very focused on Moroccan artistry, whether it is in their clothes, lights or tea. There are plenty of markets to stroll through and every so often you will be politely asked whether you want something to drink when you pass by a restaurant.


Architectural Beauty and Warning of Gypsies

On the slightly negative side, we had a mini event that made us feel less than keen on Granada. We were unaware of the Gypsies wandering near Granada’s Cathedral and had an issue when two women kept trying to get our money from us. The more we explained we needed it for the hotel, the more she said we should give it to her. They were relentless and managed to ruin our mood for a while.¬†However, the beauty of the Cathedral managed to get our minds off it.


granada cathedral

beautiful building

The Moroccan styled hotel

The ultimate inspiration came from the place we rested our weary heads, Casa de Federico. Here we found such an amazingly atmospheric home that Brendan and I both wanted our home to have the similar feel. The breakfast room was probably the best.

casa de federico breakfast room

Our bedroom was best seen at night, as the lights completed the Moroccan princess feel.


It was here that I realised how important lighting is when you decorate a room. Lights can either make or break the ambiance you want to create.


Further, they had the best window shutters. Their curtains were a strip of cloth placed inside the window frame using adjustable hanger rods/bars. We can find these in Chinese stores for affordable prices. For a renter, this is a definite winner if you want to create a certain look, but can’t mess with the current fittings. The adjustable bars are completely temporary.

windows and curtain

Their balcony also offer inspiration for those who want to have a cute balcony to enjoy.


The End of a Weekend, Beginning of Dreams

With this much inspiration to work with, I hope to completely change our home. This might take some time though, as a lot is currently going on. We need to put up a makeshift fence for one. We’ve tried twice now and both failed, but until it is up and successfully keeping the neighbour’s chickens out of our yard, our dog must stay at the kennels. Do you have issues like this?

Let us know if you’re remodeling or redecorating your home below!

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