Growing Like a Seed: Follow Your Heart

You must think I sound like a silly, cliche when I say, “Follow your heart”, but to me this is a big deal. But I am getting ahead of myself. Yes, WillowSeed has been a little on the slow side with projects, but I have quite a few new projects lined up for you to feast your hands and eyes on! We hope that they will inspire, teach and help you in your creations.

Remember What It’s About

WillowSeed has been on a learning curve. I went back to basics and reassessed where I was heading. Every once in a while a break is needed, so you can remember exactly what it was that you wanted to reach in the first place. That is what I did, plus I had a little internet issue…

I realised that to get to where I wanted to be, I need to learn and do more. I am swamped at the moment with a few personal creations, as you can read on my other blog, here. In time, I will have plenty to add to our collection with more blogs to come. After all, growing is exactly what seeds do and that is what we plan to keep doing.

Here is a tip for you: Remember to step back from your creations every once in a while to allow yourself time to think. This will allow you to see things differently than you did before. It will allow you to change direction, if needed, and to continue onwards with renewed energy and purpose.

Getting involved with your artwork is exactly what you want, but sometimes when you get so involved, you lose that extra something. When you step back, you get to look for that missing something to put back. All the while you are still very much part of your own work. Don’t let your voice drown out the artwork, but rather let it lead and enhance it.

When Motivation Fails

It’s hard to imagine someone being positive, motivated and inspired at all times. We all get our downs, and these downs are when some people believe you should continue. WillowSeed has noticed that when the heart isn’t in the work, the work lacks a soul.

Simply, don’t use what works for others. Use what works for you. This is what works for me: I don’t believe in pushing myself to create when I’m not inspired enough. This is when I take a break and go do something fun. Try not to go out with the idea, “I will go and get inspired”; otherwise you will put pressure on yourself without knowing it. Have fun, relax and get away from creativity.

It sounds strange, but for some people this tactic works well. For others it works to keep creating until they struck their inspiration. Other people do a little of both. They go work somewhere they have never worked before, finding a change of scenery to be their cure.

Lack of motivation is often a sign that something isn’t right either in mind, body or life. When you are out of balance, you need to put yourself back into balance. Find out the reason behind your lack of balance and then you can work on it. It may be something as simple as being gluten-intolerant without knowing you weren’t feeling well. It is often hard to find out what you need, but it is always an interesting journey worth taking to find out.

Some Inspiration comes from the Heart

Your artwork won’t always go exactly as planned. If your artwork is going as you wanted it to go, then perhaps you’re not working with your heart. When our hearts guide our work, it will often change direction completely. We will start off with an idea and end up with something similar to it, but with wordless emotion and meaning catching you and viewers off-guard. It’s that something in an artwork that people can’t explain, but understand somewhere deep in themselves. It is about creating that connection. Work with your heart.

Sometimes you will find yourself making something because it is what someone wants you to make, but you can’t seem to get attached to the artwork. This is when you are working with your mind rather than your heart, but this can’t be helped.

I, for one, is busy with a project I feel is going in the wrong direction. With permission, I will change direction to something a little more heartfelt. Here is the scarf I feel is going wrong:



With motivation, inspiration, talent, eagerness to learn and the ability to follow your heart, you can create something amazing that connects with other, similar people. Find yourself in journeys, whatever these journeys may be for you.

I hope you are a little more inspired to take on your projects! Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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