How to Crochet a Decorative Flower

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Sometimes you need just a little something to brighten your project. This crocheted decorative flower might be exactly what you need. After all, I needed a flower pattern for the project I am currently working on and this is working well. It will still take some time to finish the project, but I can’t wait to show it to you!
Completed crocheted decorative flowerThis pattern is originally a crocheted rose pattern, but I slightly changed the end of the pattern to fit my own needs. You can find the original pattern here. I used Coral Colour 442, LOT 9968 (100% Acrylic) with a 3.50mm hook.


Double crochet = DC
Skip a stitch = sk
Chain = Ch
Single crochet = SC


Make your slip knot.

Chain 66.

Row 1: DC into the 6th chain from the hook, *sk 2 chains, DC into the 3rd chain, Ch 2, DC into the same chain again, continue from * until end. Your pattern will curve into a circle.

Row 2: Ch 3 and turn work, DC into the first gap (V-shape), Ch 3, DC twice more into the same space, *DC twice into the next V-shaped gap, Ch 3, DC twice more into the same space, continue from * until end.

Row 3: Ch 1 and turn work, *DC 3 times into the gap, Ch 3, DC 3 times into the same gap, SC into the next (much smaller) gap, continue from * until end.

You can tie the two ends together, as it’s hidden after you rolled your flower. It even started the rolling for me.

Now comes another fun part! You roll your work along the chain line and adjust the petals as needed.

Rolling the flower

To secure your flower, take a needle and go through the middle of your flower (from the side, not the top/bottom). And got from one side to the other until you feel satisfied. Work in your ends.

Securing the flower

For a rose, crochet 7 DC stitches into every second gap instead of the 3 DC, Ch 3, 3 DC as stated above.

Have you tried this pattern? Comment below and tell us about it!

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