How to Find Yourself through Art

Finding YourselfHow do you find yourself? How do you reconnect with yourself or your family? It’s all too easy to lose touch with ourselves and it can’t (always) be blamed on the age of technology. Perhaps we can point our fingers at the media, as they do contribute to the confidence issues men and women often face.

Most women are unhappy with their own bodies and want to lose weight. The media’s images of perfect bodies (should we be reminded that they do belong to imperfect people) are everywhere. We don’t necessarily want to look exactly like the model on the cover, but we do find ourselves thinking “I could look so good if I lost a little weight here or there”. We create ourselves as models in our minds, hoping to reach that unattainable goal.

Other people lose themselves in their fast paced race to the top of the corporate world. You always try to reach that next goal instead of enjoying the one you just scored.

The reason for your lost connection or how it happened is not what is important here, but rather how to feel more fulfilled and connected with yourself. No one knows you like you, right? If you know yourself so well, then why are you limiting yourself?

The Steps to Find Yourself

In short, to find and reconnect with yourself, you must do the following:

1. Be true to yourself
2. Be honest with yourself
3. Spend time with yourself
4. Be happy with who you are, don’t just accept yourself
5. Ask and answer hard questions about who you are and what you are feeling
6. Challenge yourself realistically

These can be reached in many ways. I will give some ideas that I hope will be inspiring. I hope to bring your image you have of yourself in line with who you really are. This person is an amazing person you want to get to know better.

1. Imagination

Imagining ourselves looking like models is one of the problems our imagination has created for us. Our imagination can be wonderfully cruel sometimes. Yet, this same imagination can be used to your advantage.

Instead of imagining yourself looking like a model, rather try to put your imagination to better use. Imagine yourself exactly as you are and being happy with who you are and what you look like.

If you have trouble getting excited about being yourself, then perhaps you can make a few small changes and see if that helps. Make a few tweaks to your wardrobe or change your hairstyle (which can be anything from a dramatic cut to curling your always straight hair).

This is where the next part comes in…

2. Creativity

Be creative. It really is as simple as that. You can’t expect to find yourself if you hide away from who you are. Do everything you do in a way that you want to, not because others want you to. If this means to eat with your hands in an expensive restaurant, then do it (but don’t blame me for being thrown out).

Creativity is one of the many keys to happiness. You can explore your own creativity. Start with something small if you are new to it. You can look for ideas on the internet or try something random that comes to mind. You can try to make a really strange hairdo, but be sure to have fun while doing it.

Be careful to fall into the “But it could have looked so much better” hole. Focus your full attention on positive thoughts, such as “I am having so much fun using my makeup to draw this crazy looking house” or “My hair has never looked this strange, but it was fun”. You can step up a level and add, “I have really nice, thick hair to do things with”.

3. Artistic Physical Activities

Dancing and yoga are two of the activities you can turn to when you are stressed or just feel like loosening your body. Both these activities challenge you to do something more than the norm. Focus on your body and the movements you force it to make while always being mindful and careful.

It is important for our mental, physical and emotional state that we keep active and it does wonders when you are feeling a little low on self-esteem. While it won’t change your views on yourself immediately, it will help you connect with yourself in new ways.

Yoga is especially great for getting to know yourself. While you do the slow movements or meditate, you can allow an honest question and answer session with yourself. There is no point in lying to ourselves, but we all do try to.

4. Be Inspired and Create from Within

Once you have fulfilled the requirements of all the points above, you can finally go big. This is something I want each and every person to do. Feel free to send your end result to me to put on this website! We would love to hear from all of you and your stories.

For this challenge, we want each person to draw themselves. This picture doesn’t need to be perfect, as we are never perfect. After you drew yourself (on any medium with any medium) write down what you love and like about yourself. It must be things you have discovered about yourself on this journey of self-discovery. Again, be creative and have fun. It is all about you.

When you become stronger within yourself, then images in the media won’t affect who you are. You won’t look at the pictures of models and feel inferior, but rather look at it as art. Become happy with everything you are and stand for through something as simple as art.

Remember to send those stories in (it can be anonymous)!

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