How to Make a Simple Multi-Use Cord

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If you know how to make a simple multi-use cord, you can make more interesting crochet designs than before. Cords are super useful. You can use them to form an important part in many projects, such as intricate lace designs, bags, clothes or even toys. This specific cord is seen as basic and allows you to work on both sides after you are done with it, which makes it great for lace work (and many other things).

Basic Completed Cord
This is a basic cord that can be used for many different things, as it allows you to work on both sides after completion.

Step 1

To make a cord you will start of by chaining two.

Step 2

Single crochet into the first stitch. You will be left with this (apologies for the bad quality; I used thin yarn and had to zoom in for this part):


What you need to notice is the V-shape (red below) and the horisontal bit below it (green below).

V-Shape in colour
The red is the V-shape, which points you in the right direction. The green below it, is the part you will be working with.

Step 3

You want to turn your work clockwise (won’t be a lot) until you can put your hook through that green part.

Step 4

Once your hook is through that green part, make another single crochet. You have created another green part by doing this, but look closely and you will see two of these lines running parallel to one another. If you don’t see them, you might need to start again or get more help.

Step 5

Turn your work just a little and go through both. Yarn over and pull through these two. You should still have two left on your hook. Yarn over and go through the last two.

As you are working, you will naturally turn your work in order to make the cord successfully. You can make the cord as long as you want with just those few simple steps. To finish your work, you can make a slip stitch instead of a double crochet (some people call it a single crochet, but because you go through two loops twice, I see it as a double), and therefore going through all of the loops.

Making a cord can be tricky without the right help. If you need more help, I’d suggest to watch a video rather than looking at pictures (which can be very confusing). I found this video helpful: click here.

If you would like more help or if you want a tutorial on something specific, leave me a comment!

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