How to Make a Fly Net from a Mosquito Net

As probably any other warm, rural area, we have flies. In fact, we have flies the size of two flies stuck together. To keep these impressively mutated flies at bay can be tricky. I have been unable to find a fly net (probably from lack of trying). However mosquito nets are widely available in various sizes and shapes. I have bought such a net for our bedroom about two years ago. Since we moved into the current rental, I have been unable to use it for the lack of an available light or hook on the ceiling above the bed.

end result

Therefore, I have one almost useless mosquito net and no fly net. Hmm… And that was when my creativity jumped in. I placed the mosquito net in the kitchen. Yet, this genius idea soon turned annoying. The net was constantly falling into the food and didn’t have a large enough cover area, even though it is a double bed net. It was too much netting for a small job. Ashamed to say, it took me months to come to the rather obvious solution: Make the net shorter. This is how I turned my mosquito net into a wonderfully puffy-edged fly net.

Create the Puffy Edge

making a fly net from a mosquito net

First, make sure to place the net where you plan to hang it (this will ensure you make it the right length). Choose your yarn colour and thickness. I went with a thin yellow yarn, as I didn’t seem to have white lying around.

Roll your net to the right length and pin it with a safety pin (you will lose the safety pin later).

thread from under to over

Next, start going in with your needle and yarn. Work from inside the net to the outside. You will take the needle under the net that has been rolled up, through a hole to the front. From there you will choose a hole about 10-20 cm away and once again go under the roll so you can place the needle through from inside the net.

Pull tight as you go around. This creates the cute puffy effect.


create a puffy look

As you go around, you will notice you will have more and more net left. At the end you will have an entire tail of net left. This tail is perfect for you to get creative and use as needed to fit the feel of your room.

left with a long tail

I liked the look of the tail being left loose, but I knew it needed something to liven it up. The Chinese stores here sell little plastic decorating plants for about €3.


Secure the ends and remove the safety pin.

At the end, the net fits in beautifully. Not only does it give the kitchen extra personality and colour, but it also gives me a large net space. What more could I ask for?

finished diy fly net

Hopefully this little mosquito net trick gave you some ideas for your own situation!



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