Let’s Make a Small Irish Crochet Leaf Motif

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This small Irish crochet leaf motif (or even flower) is used in this decoration: click here.

You have a great idea for a design, but you still need that something to make the motif complete. Flowers and leaves make great fillers. Best of all, they can look great with other motifs (especially simple leaf designs). This leaf can also be used as a flower design.

This is what we will be making today (so close, camera, but still blurry 🙁 ):

A crocheted leaf motif
This small, almost delicate leaf, is easy to make and work well with other motifs.

If you want to make those ridges, work in the back loops only.


Sc – Single Crochet

Ch – Chain

Sl st – Slip Stitch

Step 1

Ch 11.

Step 2

Sc around the one side until the end.

Step 3

Sc 3x around when you get to the end (bottom) to create the corner. You will end up with a little worm.

The start of the leaf
The little leaf worm is the start of your project.

Step 4

Once on the other side, sc until the second to last stitch, skipping every second stitch. This will force the leaf to lean to one side.

Step 5

Ch 3 at the end and sl st into the start of this 3 chain to make a mini picot.

A crocheted leaf in the making

Step 6

Turn your work around and continue to sc all around. Once you reach the bottom, sc twice into one stitch only (otherwise it gets too much and wrinkles up). This creates the rounded look.

Step 7

Continue to sc until the second to last stitch and make another picot here with 3 chains and a sl st.

Step 8

Turn your work and sc around to the other side. Sc 2x into 2 different stitches at the bottom of the leaf. Remember to stop at the second to last stitch. Make another (and the last) picot here.

Step 9

Sl st all the way to the bottom of the leaf and cut off. Only sl st if you don’t want to add extra bulk to the leaf.

This leaf can be changed to fit your own purposes. If you need any help or want to share your own design, give me a shout; I would love to hear from you!

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