Productive Weekend: Reuse Creatively

Our weekend was quite fun and strangely productive. We were creatively inspired and found a few reusable items. Yet it doesn’t stop there. We finally managed to tick off a few things from our to do list. The day was so beautiful and sunny that being inside in front of the computers seemed wrong. Here is what we made of our day and what came out of it.

Our Spirited Garlic

planted garlic


Since our garlic decided to grow inside our fridge, I felt obligated to plant it. Whether it will grow further is another question. Only after I planted it, did I decide to look up how to grow garlic here. Apparently I did a few things wrong, but the biggest issue might be my pot’s depth.

I had two empty long pots which used to house herbs, but that was almost two years ago. I thought these pots will be perfect, but I didn’t give much thought to the fact that the garlic roots might need more space than it offered.

Luckily, there was one thing I couldn’t mess up: planting the garlic bulbs the right way around. Apart from the pot, the soil might not be exactly what was needed, as I used normal flower soil. If you are planning on planting garlic bulbs, use a mixture as described here for a better chance at success!




Added a New Tree

New tree

To be honest, we didn’t buy soil only for the garlic. The soil was actually for a tree we bought before winter and never got around to planting it, since we needed another pot. We finally pulled up our socks and bought a pot. It’s quite shameful how long it took us considering we live a few steps away from a nursery.

We feel the little selection of trees right next to our bench makes a cozy reading area. The lights we placed on the corners of the pot is a nice touch. The lights create a homey ambiance, as it is overshadowed by part of the tree. It’s a dreamy effect and I would definitely recommend doing this for that little extra beauty at night.

Repurposed Pot Holder to Organiser

When we bought our long pots, the garlic’s ill-chosen homes, we also got racks to use. They are popular with apartment dwellers, as they allow us to hang the pots over the wall, creating a nature filled area without taking up space. However, these pot racks can be used to save space in another way. Taadaa!

save space with pot racks

Meet our new storage for the broom and whatever tool we can manage to squeeze in there with it. Usually the broom stood at the side of the door. It didn’t make the area look very attractive and often fell over from the wind, us bumping into it or because we put it back badly. Now we slide it onto the pot racks. It’s a little bit of a balancing act, but once it’s there, it keeps things tidy and out of the way.

Repurposed Pot Tray to Bird Feeder

Last but not least of our activities was the pot tray bird feeder.

repurpose pot tray to bird feeder

This pot tray was bought after the landlord fixed a leaky faucet outside. This leaky faucet was a bird waterhole. Since the birds didn’t have the waterhole anymore, we thought we would create them a new one. They never used it, and it became a pain to keep it clean and filled up, especially once the table became flooded by the dog’s broken toys. A ball ended up sleeping in this pot tray for at least a month before we finally decided we couldn’t handle the state of the outside area.

Brendan converted it by drilling four holes and attaching clothesline wire to it. To be the least intrusive to the tree (and to keep our garden-loving landlord happy), Brendan used weight instead of knots to keep the bird feeder in the tree.

He made the weights by using leftover blocks from the table he built for me (this table will be a post for next week). He simply drilled a hole through the wood and and knotted the clothesline wire. The line was then wrapped around the tree and the weights keep it there. This makes for an easy removal do we need to clean or move the bird feeder. The end result is this:

bird feeder

We can be extra creative and make it look nicer, but we like this rough look! These few creative organisation items sparked my creative brain. I feel like I want to do much more… What have you been up to lately?

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