Quick DIY: Old Socks into Leg Warmers

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Today is a really simple and quick DIY on how I turned my old socks into leg warmers. There are so many different things you can do with old socks, but considering that we are supposed to be in winter (supposed to be, yet it’s warm outside), I thought leg warmers will be best.

quick sock diy

I don’t know about you, but I have an old pair of socks that I can’t get rid of. It’s embarrassing to say that I have kept them for too long. I could be very creative here and make an extremely elaborate leg warmer with fancy add-on’s, but since I like my socks for what they were (frilly top and all), the original character was preserved.


It’s Time to Meet the Socks

These socks served me well for many years. I was reluctant to throw them out, yet I knew Brendan had a point when he told me to. After all, they were at this point hardly socks at all. The once small holes have now become so big that the socks were pointlessly wasting away in my “Forgotten Clothes” part of the drawer. If you don’t like looking at old socks, then you should look away. For those who understand the entire sock rant, here they are:

old socks into legwarmers
Say hello to my old socks. Yes, they have been worn to death. They were good socks.


How The Deed was Done

The blue-ish line in the image above signifies where I cut these socks into leg warmers.┬áIf your leg warmers will be seen by someone other than yourself (or a family-member who doesn’t care about your clothing), you might want to decorate the less pretty parts. If you’re lucky like me, and you don’t need to make it fancy, you’re good to go. It seems things don’t always need to be complicated.


Not All Socks Make Good Leg warmers

For obvious reasons (or rather a reason), not all socks make good leg warmers. These socks, as you can tell, are lengthy. They naturally reach my knees, without effort. The reason for that might be that I am short, but I’d rather say the socks are longer than normal.

Smaller socks can either be made into boot decorative pieces (use it as leg warmers, but just at the spot you need them behind the boot’s top) or gloves. You can also turn them into rags. For some random ideas you can look here.

Have you done anything creative with your socks lately? Tell us in the comments below!

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