The Concept of Art: Fulfilment, Peace and Enjoyment

Concept of Art: Fulfilment, Peace and Enjoyment

What is it in life that gives you the feeling that you did well at the end of the day? What is it that makes you get out of bed early because you feel energised? Some might answer coffee, others will answer family and others might, possibly, have no answer at all.

It doesn’t really matter what makes you tick, as long as you find whatever that is. Art is special, as it has so many different branches where it is used or needed. In a previous post, art was above “rules” that might restrict its full potential, and in this post we are looking at, well, exactly what the title says.


Sometimes we can’t help but feel that life is missing that something spectacular, that something that will make you feel a little more awake and happy. Some people find that creating something from something else is where they find that missing piece.

God creates from nothing, but we are given the ability to create from things around us. Sometimes our imagination creates better than our hands could, as many of us often have something amazing planned, only to see it look more than half of what we envisioned. Yet, we should never let that hamper our talents, but rather appreciate what we created for what it is: an artwork that will allow us to take a deep breath in and say “I am done”.

We all chase after something, whether it is money, happiness or love. When you have finished a project you have worked on for a few days, weeks or months, you can be proud that you pushed yourself to finish something that you have chased after. With other words, you keep challenging yourself, keeping you fulfilled and driven to reach some type of purpose.


Yoga is an art to find your inner peace, but sometimes writing or drawing can be just as helpful. It allows you to think only about what your hands are doing and enter your depths as you work. Sometimes you get glimpses of yourself while you work, realising why you are using that particular word or colour.

Art is not just writing or drawing, but also dancing and acting. Whenever you practice your own art, you are able to lose yourself in it, if you give it a chance. Even in hard times, you are able to work through your emotions so much easier when you put your emotions into your work.


What is a hobby or a job without enjoyment? If you are not enjoying the art form you are currently doing, move on to another; it is the only way you can truly find peace and fulfillment.

These three things stand together to form a trinity of happiness. Find your happiness in the art around you, whether you made it or not. It can often be hard to find happiness when you go through hard times, but focus on the flower that is in bloom or on the little moth that is sitting next to the light, and if you feel like it, do something creative. May everyone find their peace, fulfillment and enjoyment.

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