The Sky Tree Baby Blanket

My friend was recently blessed with her first child. He is very much a miracle child. As an auntie, I feel I need to step up on the pampering division, especially since he is very far away from me. But no distance can stop me from crocheting what I hope to be his “blanky” until it falls to pieces or he marries.

And as such The Sky Tree Baby BlanketĀ was born. I made it with a self-made pattern. Sadly, I don’t write down or plan my patterns. I go with the flow. However, I can tell you the basics and you can figure out how to make an “image” on the blanket that works for you.

Baby Blanket Side

Work in sections of chained 2 30 2 50 2 30 2 50. Chain 1.

Row one: single crochet through.

Row 2: chain 2. Yarn over twice go into front post and make a treble crochet stitch. Chain one, *skip one stitch, yarn over once go into second stitch, pull through 2 loops, yarn over again and pull through two loops again, yarn over once more and pull through all 5 loops on your hook. Chain one and continue this method from * until you made 10 groups.

Once you made your last group, chain one and make two front post treble crochet, but make the first one furthest from you to create a little twisty edge.

You will continue this to create the basic pattern. I made the tree through increasing and decreasing stitches. This is how I created the texture of the tree:

Single crochet in the first stitch, * ch 3, skip next stitch, single crochet in the next stitch, turn, single crochet in each of the 3 chains you just made, turn, single crochet in the skipped stitch behind the chained cable you made

Repeat from * to * until you are happy with what you have made. Increase and decrease as you need

To finish the blanket, I worked a ribbon around the edge. This also allowed the blanket’s edge ruffles to stay in the correct place.


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