Unique Window Decoration Inspiration

I would like to apologise for any bad quality photos. My camera doesn’t like taking photos anymore, or it is just me being bad at it… I have noticed more and more come out looking very blurry and I can only tell once I am on the computer – when it’s too late. I need a new camera and we are saving up to get a good one, but this will take some time.

Update time! In the last few months, I have been working on a few things. I finally finished one of those projects, which I will be exploring in more detail in the next few blogs.

This is the full picture of the project while hanging in front of the chosen window:

A window decoration with beads and motifs.

And here is a closer look at the top part:

A Closer Look at the Top

The Different Parts

I would like to introduce you the the different parts that make up this strange curtain/decoration. What should I call this thing? If you want to understand my process of thought and how something like this comes together (might find a useful tip), then just keep scrolling down, but if you’re here to see what these parts consist of, you’re in the right place.

The Beads in the Middle

Stings of Beads
The beads in the middle do not follow a definite pattern, but some type of pattern can be discerned.

These are made from the small beads I had. I decided to place random stones I had at the bottom of the bead strings, but sadly I didn’t have many and I had to resort to others. These beads followed no definite pattern, but I did try to make the colours blend well together.

I often stuck to the “colour A, colour B, colour A, bulky bead, colour C, tiny bead, colour C, tiny bead, colour C” pattern with deviation. I have many other type of patterns I followed, but they follow this basic idea.

The Side Beads

Strings of Beads
The trick with these strings is to work with what you have and let the colours blend. It might not always come out looking perfect, but in the bigger design flaws will go (mostly) unnoticed and could even be appreciated.

For the beads on the sides, I used various colours that work well together. I also tried to choose them to stand out against the duller colours used in the middle beads. In my mind pink, black, white, red, purple and silver would work well. Yet, this amount of colours broke a design-rule. You should only use up to three colours, but as this entire project is meant to be bold and different, it was fitting.

At the end, when looking at the project, the bright colours work well. You can hardly notice the use of six different colours. If this is considered a flaw, then hopefully it would be an appreciated flaw. If it’s not a flaw, then we will move on.

The Right Side

Right Side of the Decoration

This part of the project consists of tassles, chains, mesh and motifs. I will have more on how to make some of these.

The Left Side

Left Side of the Decoration

This side of the project took me the longest to get right. It has tassles, basic cords, self-made chain, motif and some sort of curly design.

The curly design is purely made with single crochet stitches and attaching a simple crocheted flower at the end. Again, I will go into more detail in later entries.

How the Project Progressed (Useless Mumbling)

Now, for those of you who would like to understand more about getting yourself into a project, here is my think-process. I can’t tell you how to make your project (or even what to make) or how to figure out what you want for your end result, but I can show you how I think and how that affects the outcome. Hopefully this will help you in your next project!

I absolutely love door curtains, but we never had the chance to put any on our doors because of renting rules. This time around I was pleasantly surprised to find a glass door with hooks above it; perfect for hanging beaded door curtains.

Get Creative

However, my husband and I are trying to save money like never before, which means we hardly spend money unless really needed. I don’t need door curtains, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make my own.

Because I have a creative family, I have quite a fair amount of small beads I thought I would never use. These small beads just happened to be perfect to make beaded curtains. I spent a few days making these strings of beads. However, after a few days of it, I realised it is too tedious and I don’t really have enough beads (or wire) as I have thought.

Instead of trying to find a shop to buy these needed items, I decided to get creative. I could make the project smaller. I cut all the beaded wires in half, doubling what I had to work with (and as you can see, that means it took me days to make only seven of these beaded strings). It was now too short to use in front of the door, but it would work in front of a curtain-less window.

Endless Issues

Even though I had cut the beaded strings in half, I still had one problem, namely that in no way was seven strings enough to cover an entire window. Cutting them in half again was out of the question too, as then it would be too short for even the window.

Being a crocheter, I did what I do – I started crocheting bits I might be able to use. I planned out what I wanted it to look like, but the end result is nothing like it. I went with what I felt. What you saw above was the result of random ideas of creativity. It was almost completely spontaneous.

My project develops as situations develop. When I reached a dead-end, I changed something accordingly. If I feel in a different creative mood, I made something extra unique. If I felt in a bad mood, chances were that I did nothing at all…



If you’re stuck with your project, put your project in a new room, somewhere inspiring. Mine is usually where the most sunshine and space are. Take a step back and look at your project. You can tilt your head from side to side to allow yourself to see it from different perspectives. If you won’t feel too crazy, talk to yourself. Ask yourself questions. This manner has made me come up with a few ideas, such as adding chains and tassels.

Let me know how you get your best creative ideas!

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