Update: The Silly Things We Made

It’s about time I give you a heads up about my doings. I’m still busy with that big project and sadly it’s not going as planned. It is looking rather dull and I’m not in the process of spicing it up. On the happier side, I have done some other things with my time and I’d like to share it with you!


Big Eyes Crocheted Bookmarks

I saw the cutest bookmarks on Pinterest and couldn’t help myself. Brendan needed a bookmark and I felt like crocheting something cute for him. Hence, the crocheted chicken bookmark was born. A few days later I showed my mother the bookmark and she loved it. Once again, another big-eyed crocheted bookmark was made. This time it was… an elephant?

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Oh yes, is that a Toilet Roll Stacker?

Sweet life, when it throws toilet rolls anywhere you find an open space, you build a toilet roll stacker. Indeed, this is what I decided to call our newest invention. Probably not the most remarkable or best looking, but definitely cheap to build. We built a mountain in the kitchen with our plastic bottles, and boy, it was magnificent. But the mountain took too much space and we recycled. This one bottle resisted and decided to stay always by our side… in the bathroom.

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We filled this unlucky bottle up with beach sand, rocks and shells. If I had my way and wood wasn’t a fire hazard, I would have added a candle in there to create a nice glow too. Perhaps one day some fairy lights will magically find its way around the bottle (or maybe some plastic plant life).

Afterward, we placed, or rather roughly pushed, the piece of round wood into the bottle. This was leftover wood we thought we would use on my table, but we never did. This piece of wood fits perfectly into the bottle opening, so we trust it was meant to be! I’ll admit, it is a bit off balance and not our best work, but we found it useful and funny. And anyway, I applaud whenever something makes our house a little less messy.

I hope you enjoyed our latest creations until I finally finish my other projects!

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